IEEE CS Armenia section

On behalf of the IEEE CS Armenia section, we would like to sincerely welcome all participants and paper presenters to Online Conference on Collaborative Technologies and Data Science in Smart City Applications (CODASSCA) 2020, co-organized by the IEEE CS Armenia chapter. This is already the second such conference – the first was held again in Armenia in 2018.

The conference is aimed to bring researchers and practitioners together to present and communicate their latest research findings, developments and applications related to advances in sensors and sensor networks, pervasive computing, embedding computational capability into everyday objects and application of artificial intelligence bringing cognitive capabilities to a new generation of devices, sensors and controllers with their interfaces to smart environments.

The recent convergence of big data, cloud computing, and novel machine learning algorithms and methods is causing an explosive interest in data science and its applicability to all the fields of vital activities. This convergence has already enabled the automation of some tasks that better human performance. The novel capabilities derived from data science help to drive cars, treat diseases, and keep humans safe. At the same time, such capabilities risk leading to biased, inappropriate, or unintended action. The design of data science solutions requires both excellence in the fundamentals of the field and expertise to develop applications which meet human challenges without creating even greater risk. This exactly fits to the scope of CODASSCA to be considered this year.

Without fail we can state that the conference also will have an important impact on young Armenian researchers and students specializing in the related fields.

We are looking forward to exciting meetings and exposition with inspiring presentations from different countries around the world, which share new innovations in the area. We wish you a fruitful conference and thank you for your participation.