Attend online

Tuesday August 23


14:30 Opening Session

15:00 M. Haroutunian, P. Hakobyan, A. Harutyunyan, and A. Avetisyan:

Information-Theoretic Investigation of Authenticated Steganographic Model in Presence of Active Adversary

15:30 S. Abrahamyan:

Another Approach for ZRP Algorithms


4:00 Coffee break

16:30 P. Torres, P. Galdames, C. Gutierrez-Soto, and G. Solar:

Preserving Location and Query Privacy Using a Broadcasting LBS

17:00 A. Harutyunyan, N. Aghajanyan, L. Harutyunyan, A. Poghosyan, T., Bunarjyan, and A.J. Han Vinck:

On Diagnosing Cloud Applications wit explainable AI

17:30 A. Poghosyan, A. Harutyunyan, N. Grigoryan, and C. Pang:

Root cause Analysis of Application Performance Degradation via Distributed Tracing

18:00 Welcome reception


Wednesday August 24


10:00 A. Baghdasaryan, T. Bunarjyan, A. Poghosyan, A. Harutyunyan, and J.El-Zein:

On AI-Driven Customer support in Cloud Operations

10:30 L. Yolyan:

Computer Vision Application for Smart Cities Using remote Sensing Data

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Z. He, S. Sarcar, and T. Inoue:

Exploring the Feasibility of Video Activity for Students in Distance Learning

12:00 A. Nugraha, T. Inoue :

An Experiment of Crowdsourced Online Collaborative Question Generation and Improvement for Video learning Materials in Higher Education

12:30 D.Karamyan, A. Abovyan, and T. Karamyan:

Compact N-Gram Models for Armenian

13:00 Lunch Break


15:00 M. Khotilin, R. Paringer, A. Kupriyanov, D. Kirsh, D. Asatryan, M. Haroutunian, and A. Mukhin:

Estimation of Hyperspectral Images Bands Similarity Using Textual Properties

15:30 V.Ohanyan:

Recognition of complex Models by Tomographic Methods


16:00 Coffee break

16:30 W. Luther:

Validation of Risk Assessment Models for Breast and Ovarian Cancer-related Gene Variants

17:00 N. Baloian, W. Luther, S. Peñafiel, and G. Zurita:

Assessing Cancer and Stroke Risk Scoring Online Tools

17:30 N. Baloian, B. Panay, S. Peñafiel, J. A. Pino, J. Frez, and C. Fuenzalida:

Sales Goal Planning using Evidence regression


20:00 Workshop banquette